Key Blog Content

Key Content Every Business Website Needs

There’s millions of websites and blogs online. You might be surprised to know, most of these sites are dead. They receive no clicks or hits each day and have been abandoned by their owners. What killed these sites? It’s quite simple. There wasn’t enough compelling or engaging content to get the attention of users.

Sure, many of them might have used SEO to get readers to click. Once they entered the site, what did they find? Nothing but poorly written content that was difficult to understand and rather pointless. You don’t want to fall into the same trap with your company.

Content is an important part of your website and your marketing campaign. Don’t forget, every time you write and release a piece of content about your company; it says something about your business. It adds to the brand that you are trying to build.

You must make sure that the content on your site is clear, well written and most importantly, targeted. Let’s start by thinking about key content pieces you must have on your site.

The About Page

Customers are not going to buy unless they know who they are buying from. They are not going to become a loyal reader of a blog if they are unable to relate to the owner. This is a piece of content to tell your users a little about who you are and your company.

How personal the about page is will depend on the image of your business. It does need to be engaging. The best way to do this is to write in first or second person. You could write: “The company was established in 2009 to fill a gap in the construction market.”

However, it would be better to write: “Our company was established in 2009 to provide you with the best construction tools.”

The latter is far more personal and engaging. It will help the reader see your business as more than a corporation. They will instead recognise the people behind it. Let your customers know that you are there for them, providing the solutions to their problems.

If you are writing about the history of the company, don’t just state the facts. Again, make it more personal. Don’t just tell your customers when you started your business, tell them why.

Highlight Your USPs

Your USPs are the unique selling points of your business. They are what separates your company from the rest of the businesses on the market. You need to show your customers what makes your business special.

Why should they buy from you? Be sure to mention any awards or recognition you have received for services in the industry. You can use these accolades to show that your company has credibility on the market.

You may want to highlight members of your team as well. A successful business will always show the workers behind the company. This may be the leadership figures or select lower employees.

If one of the lower employees has been commended for outstanding work, you can highlight this on your blog. It is this type of employee that your customers will likely be interacting with. Therefore it makes sense to show who they are and what makes them the best.

The greatest USP is always going to be the products and services that you offer. You need to show how your products are different from those of similar businesses on the market. It is not enough to just tell your customers this.

You need to show them why. You may wish to give examples of previously satisfied clients to do this, with testimonials. Customers are more likely to take the word of another consumer than a company owner. They trust peer reviews.

If your work is visual, provide further evidence with images and videos. You can use graphics and videos to engage the customer further. Let them see what you can offer rather than just telling them.

Show Off Your Clients

Don’t get the wrong idea here. We are not suggesting that you should list all of your clients on your website. This will be difficult for users to read and more importantly, it will not be engaging.

Instead, you may just want a banner of notable, key clients somewhere on your page. If the clients are big enough, you don’t even have to write their names. You can just show their logos. This demonstrates to your clients that you work with the biggest and best companies.

To build up the best leads, it can be useful to write a more detailed piece of content about your ideal client. If you do this, make sure that it is targeted directly at them. Do not just list the traits that you are looking for or highlight the specific industry. Write something like this:

Do you work in the construction industry? To provide the best service for your clients, you need a great set of tools. You need a company that offers a wide range of equipment that offers fast deliveries. At Construction Co, we have worked with numerous contractors to supply them with the tools they use every day on the job. Whether you need to prepare the ground or build the structure, we have the tools you want.

You may then want to suggest clients who would not be best suited for your business. This will help you weed out any false leads.

Key Information

You need to be careful about the information you put on your website. Pricing is always tricky. It won’t suit every business to put a price on their services. Contracting prices often differ depending on the size of the job. However, you may want to give a rough estimate. Or say something along the lines of ‘prices start at.’

You can even list different prices so that customers can find out if there is a service that suits them.

Another useful area would be a FAQ page. This will save you a lot of time speaking to clients on the phone. They’ll find most of the info they need here. Again, this can help weed out customers who are not suitable for your services.

Building The Brand

You do not want to overload your website with information. This will make it difficult to read and navigate. If you have additional information about your business that you want to share, set up a blog.

You can link it directly to your website or integrate it into the design. You can then use this space to build up the brand with fresh content and share further information. It can be a brilliant marketing tool.

Finally, it is important to understand that websites should be unique. As such, there may be content you need for your site that we have not covered. However, these are the building blocks for useful and engaging content. Once you have these elements, you will have a great structure to work with.