6 Productivity YouTubers Who Will Help Your Time Management

6 Productivity YouTubers Who Will Help Your Time Management

Did you know that the average user spends 19 minutes on Youtube every single day? That works out at around 7000 minutes a year. Given that the platform attacks over 1.7 billion unique visitors each month, there is a very strong chance that you are one of those people.

While we all love watching a few prank videos or clips from our favourite sitcoms, Youtube can achieve so much more. Whether looking to improve productivity or gain goal setting support, there are plenty of Youtubers who can help you understand scheduling methods like time blocking or learn to avoid distractions.

There are hundreds of content creators that you could encounter when searching “how to plan my day as a business owner”. Here are six of the best that will transform your approach to time management and productivity.

1. Matt D’Avella

Even when actively hoping to improve productivity, you want your YouTube watching to be enjoyable. Matt D’Avella finds the sweet spot between informative and funny with his engaging videos that have amassed an army of over 3.3 million followers. Whether looking at how to plan my day as a business owner or enhance your personal life, his content is perfect.

While the videos are always entertaining, they also get to the heart of key issues like Why You’re So Bad At Managing Your Time. The content often explains situations in detail without stepping over the line into boredom while also providing actionable steps on how to grow.

With a minimalist approach and easy to follow format that goes big on productivity, it’s easy to see why the documentary filmmaker and entrepreneur has become one of the biggest Youtubers in the industry. After 11 years of producing videos for the platform, he has created videos and YouTube Shorts to help users manage their time with stunning results.

2. Thomas Frank

Often referred to as the ‘productivity master’ Thomas Frank is another hugely popular productivity-focused Youtuber. Having started his YouTube journey in 2006, he has produced videos on virtually every aspect of time management imaginable. From prioritisation to time blocking and successful strategies, you can find life-changing lessons on his channel.

As well as content on following successful methods, the content creator teaches his audience how to overcome modern challenges such as Breaking Your Phone Addiction. The practical steps to avoiding distractions can subsequently lead to greater productivity and help you learn how to plan my day as a business owner and stick to it.

Some of his best videos relate to time blocking and show how you can effectively split your day into ‘blocks’ to maintain high levels of productivity from start to finish. It also means that you prioritise the right tasks in a logical way to get more done on a daily basis and in relation to ongoing projects.

3. Lavendaire 

When seeking goal setting support on YouTube, Lavendaire is the perfect outlet. Aileen Xu’s channel has now attracted over 124 million views and delves deep into the concept of goal setting while maintaining a casual approach that take a gentle outlook on how to achieve more. Her videos are heavily focused on spirituality and self-development, but also present a range of ideas that translate to the business world. 

As an artist, she delivers videos on positive affirmations and mental health while her Plan With Me playlist is arguably the most relatable for business owners. This can help with time blocking, scheduling, to-do lists, and alternative time management tools.

From finding ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself to planning your days in an effective way, the calming videos offer great inspiration while her podcast series allows you to consume content when you’re on the go or completing other tasks. That multitasking approach is another step towards getting things done – not least because the teachings are relatable to modern lifestyle and business.

Modern Lifestyle and Business

4. Project Life Mastery

The mission statement of Project Life Mastery is quite self-explanatory and covers a range of subjects from building strong mindsets to motivation and time management. The channel has seen creator Stefan James gain 1.25 million subscribers. If you want to regain control of your business and destiny, his lessons on how to improve productivity are very useful indeed.

His content isn’t only focused on developing stronger mindsets. There is also actionable tips like The Online Business Blueprint, which shows six proven steps to success. Other life-changing videos include tips on how to let go of ideas or past experiences.

Project Life Mastery can help you learn how to plan my day as a business owner or how to actively develop a winning business model. Alternatively, it can be a great outlet for actively enhancing virtually all aspects of your personal life from work-life balance to working on your physical and mental wellness. It’s not just a platform to help improve your business; it’s an outlet to build a brighter future.

5. Brian Tracy

While Youtube is very much a modern form of media dominated by creators with modern ideas, there is still room for traditional concepts – not least in relation to goal setting support and productivity in business. Brian Tracy the world’s most listened to audio author on personal and business success, is the perfect example.

As well as his success on audio channels, Tracy’s YouTube videos have been watched over 69 million times and provide engaging content that explains some of the tactics he has used to help over 1,000 companies improve productivity and success. Over 1.36 million people, including business owners, already benefit from his teachings, and you can too.

While his content largely focuses on ideas and concepts that have been built over decades of specialising in business development, Tracy’s traditional methods are also adapted to stay relevant in the modern world, as is perfectly shown by his Work From Home productivity playlist.

6. Liam Porritt

As a graduate of Cambridge University and lawyer, it’s safe to say that Liam Porritt is intellectual. However, his content on careers, productivity, and wellness are accessible to all. Moreover, it’s not just about the theory. He uses his life experiences – including a recent relocation to France – to prove that you can get things done with the right mindset.

A lot of his content is autobiographical with insights on how it can relate to your world. A selection of useful guides, including How To Not Be Average is great for affirmation and actively plotting your next moves. Breaking the cycle of your destructive or restrictive habits can bring telling results in all facets of your life.

With most of the videos lasting for a duration of between 5 and 20 minutes, you can casually develop your knowledge and improve productivity without investing days into the process. Short, sharp, and successful content will help you become a better business owner and a better person.

The Final Word

YouTube is an incredible platform with some truly revolutionary thinkers and creators out there. Now that you know where to look for them, there’s no excuse for falling down the rabbit hole of cat videos ever again. You’ve got this.