Ent-London Case Study

When a highly successful ENT practice wanted a brand that matched their incredibly reputation, they turned to The Branding Strategist. We used their ideas and years of professional experience to create a solid branding strategy. The result – a brand with an identity that’s both minimalistic and modern, yet professional.

Client:Ms Kuchai / Ent-London
Skills:Website Design and Development, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Content Creation, Branding Development

It has been a pleasure working with AmeenDigital over the past 10 years. They have proven invaluable in their steadfast support. This team offers a unique combination of expertise with a personal touch. To simply know they are there is the biggest comfort of all. Thank you for being the essential integral part of our service.”

Ms Romana Kuchai
Ms Romana Kuchai
Consultant ENT Surgeon - Ent-London

Ms. Kuchai came to AmeenDigital with an outdated website that wasn’t serving her or her ENT consultancy practice effectively. Ms. Kuchai explained that while her website signposted the practice in a basic sense it didn’t represent the services and treatments offered, or facilitate an easy way for potential patients to book appointments.

As well as building a new website, we completed a complete overhaul of the branding for the practice, including a new logo and stationery, website content creation, plus long-term management of the site.

It was important to Ms. Kuchai that the website was able to showcase the treatments and services of the ENT consultancy but also needed to include functionality for potential patients to book appointments.

We worked closely with Ms. Kuchai during the entire process and implemented a completely new website, along with stronger branding strategy. This started with a revitalised logo design and associated stationery. Once this was agreed upon, this was used as a starting point for the remaining work on the website and further branding strategy.

Our in-house content writing team worked with Ms. Kuchai to write new content for the website that was engaging, informative and represented the practice as a well-regarded specialist in ENT practice.

Following the completed project, Ms. Kuchai instantly started receiving a much higher volume of appointments. There was also a marked increase in overall web traffic, showing that the SEO-optimised content was starting to rank accordingly. As well as this, the feedback from Ms Kuchai’s peers was overwhelmingly positive and patients commented favourably on the new branding and website.